Shanghai Up Close

It has occurred to me many times that there are a billion blogs out there about starting over, moving to or living in new countries/cities/cultures, and, of course, about photography. And I’m sure there is at least one about Shanghai, or Photography in a city of 23 or so million people. So here I am. I join the throngs of millions of blogs. I could write about starting over by moving to a new country/culture to live and taking photographs. But who is going to see, or quite frankly, who is going to care? I don’t write that as a poor me, rather I take some solace that I can quietly take my time, post something here and there and not many people will notice. It still feels like just my own ‘private world’. But nothing online is private anymore and to think so would be naive. So here is a start of a blog that happens to be updated from Shanghai, and is about Shanghai…Shanghai Up Close. At least for now my comfort level for posting on this site is ‘up close’. In a country where culture shock didn’t hit me like a ton of bricks when I arrived, but has slowly started to seep into my conscious being, I both want to get ‘up close’ and stay far away. And for now Up Close has taken over. Yes, this photo could have been taken anywhere, but it wasn’t. I look forward to seeing where this takes me.

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  1. And I look forward to where your posts take me……isn’t that the beauty of personal expression? Your personal becomes my personal once it leaves your hand and is taken in by my eye. your words, your photos reflect merely my perception in the moment that I see it….personal to me. Maybe all art is a huge gift to the world merely because we are connected by the creative flow – you live in Shanghai and have the inspiration to interpret a place in a photograph and put it out in the world for another to interpret and the interpreter puts that out in the world (a blog response, in this case) and the morphing of the flow connects us. Can not wait to see the next image – like a photo shoot by a woman in a closet – intimate and personal….and public. Loved the image. I will be looking for the shape you captured somewhere in my town. Ah…. as I age, mystery beats concrete every time! Thanks Elizabeth. Nee -ha-ma!

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