Coming Down

It’s a concept that is fully grasped as it is happening. Hiking down, coming down, or even, “Be right down!”, are all states of doing that often take longer and are potentially harder than their variable counterparts of ‘UP’. This part of the trek was technically on our way down from the mountains. However, as we descended, another difficult stage began to emerge…we could see the path straight ahead, knew we were edging closer to the end, yet the distances we could see were tricky to judge. It took me over 2 hours to catch up to the 3 hikers ahead. Distances may seem straight, but the path never is.

Egg Drop Head

Proof-positive that if an egg drops on your head, it will dent/crack on the opposite side. I’m intrigued to know what will happen when the mostly eaten apple drops…
The trash posters about littering I understand. But I have to admit, at the moment I’m a bit stumped by the egg head.

egg head

Shopping in the dark


A new experience to say the least. 3 out of the past 4 days or so Pines has had no electricity. So what do you do? Get out your flashlight, phone or otherwise, and just go with it. All the great cereals are lit up so no worries there. Luckily it has been relatively cold here so most items are kept cold by default. Oh and it snowed this morning! But that doesn’t seem to be the reason for the blackout. I’ll check again tomorrow. It’s kind of fun and kind of creepy shopping in the dark!

Avocado Lady

imageWhen I am able to ask, I’ll figure out which lady is THE avocado lady. Maybe they all are…

Look her up, she’s in all the guidebooks. Been shopping here for 2 years and never noticed the sign.

Moms and Dads…all over the world.

mongolian parents 2

I’m incredibly fortunate to have met many amazing people in the world. Many of whom had the predilection or I suppose inclination to take me under their wing, as surrogate moms and dads. While traveling in Mongolia this amazing couple took me in, fed me, and made a prediction…that in the spring of 2016 I would once again visit them. There’s more but that’s all I’ll say for now. I hope they are well and I look forward to 2016!